Thursday, July 22, 2010

Customer Satisfaction :: I love custom orders!

By far, custom orders are my favorite! I love the challenge of being given a task and challenge and then figuring it out...Here is a recent custom order request that I just received feedback on!

A pair of snowbirds, living in Cincinnati, Ohio during the summer were completing some renovations in their basement. They needed some new upholstery buttons for their bar. It had to be black. Knowing that the owner of the 'man cave' was a University of Cincinnati alumnus (no, I will not share the year:), I figured, let's show a little love to his beloved university. {disclosure: I, too, am a bearcat}

The couple needed 15 new buttons. I traveled to the fabric store, with a few things in mind and was thrilled when I found this fabulous University of Cincinnati licensed was just perfect!

I knew I could use the "c" with the claws and then the bearcats word! I made 8, claw buttons and 7 'bearcats' buttons to alternate on the bar!

I just received the photos back last night...Have a look, I think they are fabulous!

I'm thrilled they were so delighted with the buttons to send pictures!

bluemanatee - ArtFire Artisan Studio

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